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If you would like further information about how to enrol at Wakefield, we welcome your call — please ask for our Director Kelly or acting Director Tiffany, who would be more than happy to assist you.

Contact Number: (02) 9651-1855

We are located at: 276 New Line Road Dural NSW 2158

Our Email Address is:


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  Parent Checklist when looking for a Child Care Centre
Click on a link below to review questions that will help you choose a quality early education provider.

1. Staff/Parent Interaction
2. Atmosphere
3. Program Design
4. Teaching & Staff

Staff/Parent Interaction
1. Is there an open door policy for parents/guardians? Can parents/guardians visit anytime?
2. Do opportunities exist for positive parent and teacher interaction?
3. Are the parents involved in decisions regarding the centre on arrange of issues?
4. Does the centre communicate with you regularly via email or newsletters
5. Does your child's classroom have observation windows so that you can easily view the activities going on?
6 Will you be called immediately if your child should become ill or injured?

1. Are policies adhered to regarding safety, health, and fire procedures?
2. Is the centre equipped with a wide range of materials geared to the child's to facilitate your child’s development
3. Are separate functional playing areas provided for the infants and older children?
4. Are the rooms designed for interest centres, such as dramatic play, creative movement and music, manipulative materials, storytelling, motor activity, coordination, and art?
5 Do the children interact positively with each other?

Program Design
1. Is there a visual plan or program for your child's classroom?
2. Is rest time provided?
3. Does the teacher appear to be skillful at group management and is the group size manageable?
4. Is the flow of activities determined by the interests and attention spans of the children? Are transitional activities provided?
5. Is there an established routine, providing comfort for children in being able to predict the events of the day?
6. Is there an appropriate balance between free choice/free play and teacher planned/structure activities for the children in each classroom?
7. Are various activities designed to encourage curiosity and expand the child's understanding of the world about him or her?
8. Are the activities designed to develop language skills, readiness concepts, eye and hand coordination, physical coordination, and manual dexterity?

Teaching & Staff
1. Are the teachers trained and/or experienced in early childhood and do they continue their training throughout the year?
2. Is there a teacher in each classroom trained in first aid or infant CPR?
3. Does the teaching staff remain fairly stable, with the staff consistently employed, so that your child can build a relationship with the same people day after day?
4. Do the teachers interact with the children in a pleasant and positive manner?
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