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  Early Learning Programs

Our teaching professionals are committed to the highest standards of education for each child at Wakefield. We are working towards the Early Years Learning Framework criteria.

Having four separate learning rooms enables us to focus on specific developmentally appropriate programs.

Ages are:
Nursery 0-2yrs:
Toddlers 2-3 yrs;
Middle Room 3-4 yrs;
Seniors 4-5 yrs

Children prepare to transition to the next room during the year as they become ready.
Daily observations are undertaken and profiles of children’s work and activities during the year are compiled.

Evaluations are completed regularly during the year and staff self-evaluations are also an important part of the process. By providing a full time off the floor Director, teaching staff can focus solely on programming and teaching.

Wakefield is also committed to creating a community environment within our centre with regular parent’s seminars and a calendar of events offered throughout the year.

If you would like to find out more information please contact us today!
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