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  Middle Learning Room
(3-4 year old children)

At Wakefield, our middle learning room builds on our toddler program. We to offer children a secure, friendly and stimulating environment. Educational activities and creative play time both contribute to the ideal balance in your 3-4 year old's development.

Our focus in our ‘Middle Learning Room’ is on exploration, interaction and dramatic play. We teach essential basics ready for the introduction of the alphabet, numeracy, social skills and science projects, to name a few. Your toddler will also enjoy music, dramatic play, social interaction and creative arts activities.

The children also have daily access to our creative ‘art studio.’ We provide a huge array of creative materials to encourage creative expression of a child’s internal emotions.

At lunch time children eat in the dining area to enjoy a fresh, cooked lunch. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to socialise and encourage one another to eat certain meals they may not normally experience. After lunch the children enjoy the centre’s library area before returning to their learning rooms for a sleep/rest time. In the afternoon the children continue to enjoy our centre’s preschool program before enjoying our large natural playground area outside prior to families returning to the centre for pickup. Afternoon tea and late afternoon tea is provided to all children prior to families returning to the centre in the afternoons. Our centre is open from 7.00am until 6pm; providing an educational long day care centre service to all families.

Each child will have a personalised portfolio to record and visually demonstrate to families the development of your child. Their Portfolio will contain observations, photos, examples of your child’s work, as well as regular dialogue of your child’s day. At Wakefield our team love to involve parents and keep you up-to-date by providing overviews, parents letters, visual daily journals and a daily visual slide show of your child’s day.

Developmental Goals

Social-Emotional Development
• To promote sense of self
• To encourage responsibility for self and others
• To encourage pro-social behaviour

Physical Development
• To promote gross motor skills
• To promote fine motor skills

Cognitive Development
• To promote learning and problem solving skills
• To encourage logical thinking
• To promote representational and symbolical thinking

Language Development
• To develop listening and speaking skills
• To develop reading and writing skills

If you would like to find out more information please contact us today!

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