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We provide a nurturing, learning environment for babies from 6 weeks to 24 months.. We provide for each stage in your infant's development – encouraging language acquisition, appropriate social interaction, and sound physical growth in a nurturing and multi-sensory environment.

In our nursery we also recognise that infants from (12 - 24 months) are curious and want a safe environment in which to learn and explore. Our Nursery’s room leader is a experienced, senior Enrolled Nurse providing you with the assurance there is an experienced, medically trained staff member on hand. Time is taken to meet with you and share you baby's unique individual likes/dislikes, rhythms for feeding/sleeping and playful interaction; this way we can mirror your patterns at home. A personal ‘what we’re doing’ schedule helps us meet your infants unique needs on a daily basis.

At Wakefield there will always be someone to cuddle, change, nurture, feed, your baby throughout the day. Each child will have a personalised portfolio to record he development of your baby. The Portfolio contains observations, photos, examples of your baby’s paintings and drawings, as well as regular dialogue of your child’s day at Wakefield. Your child’s portfolio is a collaborative journal, encouraging families input, thoughts, ideas and photos etc.

We also provide a ‘day sheet’ each day to inform you daily of child’s day, sleeping patterns, food intake, nappy changes, and amount of formula/breast milk consumed, to name a few. We also aim to provide a visual representation of your baby’s day with our visual slide show, and visual ‘Day Journal.’ Families in our care always comment on how well our team communicate their infant’s needs. At Wakefield we value each and every family member and our team is committed to getting to know each family on a personal basis.

Developmental Goals

• To encourage body expressions and control
• To develop concrete thinking skills
• To promote social play
• To encourage and develop language skills
• To develop a sense of emotional security
• To increase an awareness of environment and a feeling of security
• To stimulate initial language development
• To encourage intellectual development
• To promote physical growth and sound nutrition
• To encourage social development
• To develop a positive self-esteem

If you would like to find out more information please contact us today!

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