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  Toddlers (2-3 year olds)

Our program for two year-olds offers children a secure, loving environment, with an established routine and schedule.

We encourage 2 year old’s curiosity and developing language skills. Our program strikes a balance between the nurturing care toddlers received as infants and their environment in which they learn about the world. Since two year olds don’t sit still for too long, we’ve designed an environment that keeps their busy minds and hands satisfied and educated. We provide educational opportunities through the use of play and sensory opportunities. Our program is designed to provide an individual curriculum at each child’s own pace while offering a fun and sensory experience.

Our toddlers learning room is large and flexible with room for active, cooperative play as well as personal space. Our discovery areas and programs help your child learn specific skills through hands-on exploration. At Wakefield Early Learning Centre we provide age appropriate experiences. We gradually introduce key concepts to the toddlers to develop their literacy skills with the use of blocks, stories, activities, music, cooking, movement and science experiences.

We make learning fun!

At lunch time children eat in the dining area to enjoy a fresh, cooked lunch. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to socialise and encourage one another to eat certain meals they may not normally experience. After lunch the children enjoy the centre’s library area before returning their learning rooms for a sleep/rest time. In the afternoon the children continue to enjoy our centre’s preschool program before enjoying our large natural playground area outside in the afternoon. Afternoon tea and late afternoon tea is provided to all children prior to families returning to the centre in the afternoons.

Each child will have a personalised portfolio to record and visually demonstrate to families the development of your child. Your Portfolio will contain observations, photos, examples of your child’s work, as well as regular dialogue of your child’s day. At Wakefield our team love to involve parents and keep you, our valued Parents up-to-date by providing overviews, parents’ letters, visual daily journals and a daily visual slide show of your child’s day.

Developmental Goals

• To develop social and co-operative play skills
• To encourage and promote a positive self-image
• To encourage language development and concrete thinking skills
• To encourage creative development
• To begin developing concentration span
• To encourage toilet training
• To promote physical development
• To experience foods from a range of diverse cultures

If you would like to find out more information please contact us today!

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